Walks Books Updates

Some of our published walks have been affected by footpath diversions, new buildings and the change of use or removal of buildings since they were written. Updates will be kept here and please let us know of any other changes you have found.

Walks Around Melbourne (2007)
This book is holding up well but some things have changed such as stiles being replaced by gates or gaps which we approve of.

Pubs on the maps: at least 4 in Melbourne have closed since 2007 – Roebuck, Paddock (Railway), Packhorse and Melbourne Arms. On the bright side two have opened – the Chip and Pin (to reopen soon as the Bank of Beers) and the Brewhouse at the Hall. Weston has lost the Old Plough Inn and Ticknall the Wheel.
Buses: the bus service between Derby and Swadlincote has declined to an hourly one. On the bright side there is a new bus service from the Airport to Ashby and Burton. We will have to see how long these services last in their present form.

Walk 1. Melbourne to Woodhouses
Page 6: Top of column 2 – The “gate” has been replaced by a “gap”.

Walk 2. Melbourne to Breedon on the Hill
Page 8: top column 2  – You can no longer cross the cattle grid into Chestnut Park because the gate is locked. Take the gate to the left of it.
Page 9: column 1 – The golf course no longer exists at the location on the map and the stile at Melbourne Lane is now a gap.
Page 9: column 2 – should now read “At the top go over the stile into Chestnut Park.” 

Walk 3. Melbourne to Broadstone Lane
Page 10: The Melbourne Arms pub building is now sadly part of a small housing estate. Page 11: The white barrier has been replaced by a gate.

Walk 4. Melbourne to Stanton by Bridge
Page 12: bottom column 1 – Beyond the cemetery there is a new housing development which the path passes by.
Page 12: top column 2 – The Packhorse Inn is now a house.

Walk 5. Melbourne to Staunton Harold
Very few changes here and they mainly relate to the second part of the walk. The permissive path at Staunton Harold has moved since 2007 and now starts just after the “Golden Gates” (column 2 page 16). The Staunton Harold Estate signboard at the end of the permissive path has gone (column 1 page 17). In route Alternative B the path to Heath Lane (not Ashby Road) is mainly now between fencing. When you reach the lane turn left along a new section of the new tramway trail then drop down the bank to the access road to the Staunton Harold Estate just beyond the old and closed Saracen’s Head pub (column 2 page 17).

Walk 6. Melbourne to Swarkestone
The Blue Bell Inn is now the Spirit Vaults. The jawbones are still on Jawbone Lane close to a new housing estate but Bond Elm has been demolished (page 18).
The path from Massey’s Bridge has been moved to its correct route and is marked by yellow posts as it heads westerly away from the canal to Swarkestone (page 19).
After crossing the river Trent bridge walk down Ingleby Lane for about 100 metres to a metal kissing gate where there is a new public footpath and sign. The path goes towards the Causeway then runs parallel to it through two wicket gates. At the last arches turn right and follow the path through a gate and continue until you reach a footbridge. The path goes uphill through several horse paddocks to reach Stanton by Bridge by the side of the village hall (column 1 page 20). Near the waterworks pumping station the stile has been replaced by a gate, the Packhorse is a house and the path through market gardens now mainly skirts housing estates (column 2 page 20).

Walk 7. Melbourne to Ticknall
The Melbourne Arms is now a house. There are new signs for the bridleway to Milton (top Robinson’s Hill) and the airfield landing strip has gone (column 1 page 21). The plaque on an OS trig pillar mainly  refers to the old road between Melbourne and Repton via St Brides (column 2 page 23). Beyond the track to Woodside Farm keep the deer fencing to your right until you reach a footbridge and stile then straight across the field to a wicket gate in the distance (column 2 page 21). Once in Calke park you will find that stiles have been replaced with gates or gaps (pages 22 and 23). The small low sign mentioned on page 24 (column 1) has gone.

Walk 8. Melbourne to Foremark and Ingleby
Page 25: Column 2 – Part of this walk follows Walk 7 (see above), when you enter Robin Wood go straight ahead then turn left along a wide path which is a bridleway (blue paint mark on tree). The surface has been much improved.
Page 26: Column 1 – the stile beyond Knowle Hill House is now a gap.
Page 27: Column 2 – the stile with metal structures has gone.
Page 28: Column 1 – new gravel workings are taking place by the caves. In a dry summer the path alongside the Trent will be fine.
Page 29: Column 1 – the “bridleway” at Ingleby Toft is classified as an ORPA (for all users).
Page 29: Column 1 (bottom) – The Melbourne Arms is closed but the path almost opposite has a new metal kissing gate and the field has some new tree planting.

Walk 9. Ticknall to Smisby

Walks Around Melbourne Further Afield (2016)

Walk 5
Owing to a large scale re-organisation of paths between Staunton Harold and Breedon the first part of this walk has been re-written.

Walk 5 Staunton Harold to Worthington (changes to page 20)