Airport Involvement

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What is the Society doing about aircraft noise?

Melbourne Civic Society is a member of East Midlands Airport’s Consultative Committee known as the Independent Consultative Committee (ICC), where a wide range of airport related issues are discussed and the Monitoring, Environment, Noise and Track keeping (MENT) technical subcommittee.

At these meetings we present our members’ concerns on noise, especially night noise, and track keeping, directly to the airport management and we press them to reduce the adverse impacts of the airport on its immediate neighbours.

We influence the content of the 5 yearly airport development plans and noise action plans, and closely monitor progress made on environmental issues against the promises in these plans.

We respond to national and local aviation consultations like the current Department for Transport’s national consultation on night flying restrictions which closes in September 2021 and we will respond to the local East Midlands Airport (EMA) proposal for airspace changes, that will affect take-off and landing routes, when that is published.

We encourage our members to respond individually to these consultations but provide our members with clarification of the more complex aviation issues along with suggested themes which members may use in their own responses.

We are informed of national and international developments in aviation environmental issues through our membership of a national association of airport residents’ groups called the Aviation Environment Federation (AEF).

NEW: DfT Night Flight Restrictions – Recommendations for making a personal response:

This document is intended as advice for anyone concerned about night time aircraft noise at East Midlands Airport (EMA) and wishing to reply to the Department for Transport consultation on night flight restrictions.

The consultation document may be accessed by searching for ‘DfT Night Flight Restrictions consultation’, but it is very long and complex. We advise that you do not attempt to answer the questions but instead suggest you make a free-format response describing your own experience of night noise at EMA and what you think should be done about it. The consultation document incorrectly states the closing date as 31st May 2021, but this has been extended until 3rd September.

How to Respond
Make a response by email to
Respond before 3rd September 2021
1. You must state:
2. Your name and Email address,
3. Whether you reply as an individual or organisation,
4. Which airport affects you most (East Midlands Airport)

Situation at EMA
We would suggest that you give your own view of night flights and noise at East Midlands Airport. Points to make may include:

*Your experience – frequency of disturbance and awakenings.
*There are no restrictions on night flights at EMA. Noise continues throughout the night.
*Currently there are over 20,000 night flights per year, mostly cargo flights.
*Night cargo flights have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic.
*EMA plans to increase night flights and night noise.
*EMA seems to show little regard for public health impacts and community disturbance.
*National policy and EMA practice are heavily biased in favour of economic factors.
*Most cargo planes at EMA are old converted passenger aircraft.
*New, less noisy, aircraft families e.g. Dreamliner, are not built as freighters.
*We need reducing limits on night flights and noise for the whole night (23.00-07.00).
*The noisiest aircraft (noise categories QC4 and QC2) should be banned at night (23.00 – 07.00).

Consultation Questions
*Questions 6-30 are now closed and Questions 31-63 are concerned mainly with the London airports.
*Questions 64-76 are about future national policy and may affect EMA. You may choose to attempt answers to these – the major factors are covered above.
*Question 77 – The Government has announced that East Midlands Airport will be part of a Freeport. The Freeport should not be allowed to increase night flights nor night noise.

Melbourne Civic Society
August 2021